This is me

Hey my name is Nico, 19 years old, german. What more to say about me? Well I love everything related to fashion, travelling, reading and I'm spending way too much time with tv shows. Guess I'm your ordinary teenage girl.
Last year my life kind of changed, I graduated and spent half a year at the other side of the world - in New Zealand. Travelling in this beautiful country and meeting the most amazing people, I only have to say, that this experience not only changed the way I see the world now, but also changed the way I want to live in this world, but this is a story for another time.
Today, I can't say that I'm still travelling the world with my backpack. I don't do anything special, but there are still these voices in my head, that tell me to go on another adventure.
That's the reason, why I start this blog. I want to show people, how wonderful it can be, to get out of your own comfort zone and start something risky. I want to motivate and get motivated. I don't have a lot of experiences, -hell I didn't even go to university at this point - as I said, I'm just a plain girl, living in a small village in Germany without special qualities but with too many ideas and dreams, which I want to realize.

- Nico